Alternate Worlds

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Known Connections Between Alternates

Between Earth Prime and Earth 19 (Oerth)
Between Earth Prime and Earth 19 (Toril)
Between Golarion and Various Earths
Between Sigil and Earth 2

Earth 251 to Earth 19

Gygax on Alternate Earths
The Multiverse of the Planejammer Campaigns includes a variety of Prime Material Planes that exist in the same space but are unaware of each other and normally unable to interact.

All the Primes vibrate at a specific frequency which keeps them separated; these “barriers” can be trespassed by “tuning” to that vibration. In addition alternate timelines often split off from each of these realities creating new ones. each one existing at a frequency equivalent to a prime number. The non prime frequencies, with a few rare exceptions, are where the Far Realm exists- alternate formless cosmologies between and around the habitable universes.

Technology based dimension gate generators, the illithid’s innate probability travel ability, obscure rituals, and Epic / Mythic level magics allow translation between parallels. In extremely rare instances stable links between alternates exist. For some as yet unknown reason the majority of documented crossover points occur on the Prime and Shadow planes. Because some can also “tune-in” these worlds in dreams, some people have written fiction or media with the stories from those worlds they dreamed.

On occasion, creatures from other alternates can be randomly ripped from their current plane of existence, and deposited in a different alternate with no memory of their previous home, and fluency in the local language (which is always the same as Common). This is called The Gift of Lethe. While their memories of their former lives are gone, they sometimes remember their former deities, and thus Oerthly gods such as Wee Jas, Pelor, and St. Cuthbert have become worshiped by groups elsewhere. On Earth 2, for instance, Wee Jas’s worshipers are called “The Beloved,” and hide behind a very selective national fraternity and sorority of business and management majors, known as Epsillon Alpha.

Creatures that die in an alternate reality are reclaimed by the quantum flux after they die. As a general rule,the body vanishes 1d4 hours after they die, leaving behind no trace of themselves other than their clothing and equipment. Before they disappear, these slain creatures can be raised from the dead normally. Slain creatures that are transformed into undead creatures remain in that alternate in their undead state and are not reclaimed by the quantum flux until they are destroyed. Once reclaimed by the quantum flux a creature can’t be raised from the dead or brought back by any means and is considered lost.

Alternate Worlds

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