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Current Year (Present Day Games):
Hashkar 130 (Sigil) * 590 CY (Earth 19: Oerth) * 1372 DR (Toril) * 385 AC (Krynn) * FY 8 (Athas) * 1526 HC (Cerilia) * 755 BC (Demiplane of Dread) * 4720 AR (Golarion) * 1041 AC (Mystara) * 5052 OC (Wildspace) * 2020 CE

Current Year (Future Games):
319 AG (Pact Worlds) * 5,042 IR (Dragon Empire)

Timeline Key
[AQ] Al-Quadim
[DL] Dragonlance
[DS] Dragonstar
[FR] Forgotten Realms
[GH] Greyhawk
[GW] Ghostwalk
[KT] Kara-Tur
[Maztica] Maztica
[PF] Golarion
[PJ] Event from Planejammer Campaigns
[PS] Planescape
[SF] Starfinder
[SJ] Spelljammer
[SJ-TS] Spelljammer: Temporum Sphaera

The Great Upheavals
The Divine Compact
The Blood War
The Celestial Schism
The Reckoning of Hell
The Gith Rebellion
The Pronouncement of Two Skies
The Faction War
The Grand Conjunction of Ravenloft
The Time of Troubles
The Return of Orcus
The Gith Incursion
The Gap
The Signal
The Scoured Stars Incident

Unified Timeline OC/AG
In The Beginning Before the count of years
Aetas Primus -1,000,000 to -100,000 OC
The Pre-Classical Age -100,000 to -1,099 OC
The Classical Age -1,100to 2,079 OC
The Modern Age 2,080 to 4,029 OC
Years of the Blight – Unhuman War I 4,030 to 4,799 OC
Recent History 4,800 to 5,029 OC
Current Campaign Era 5,030 to 5,070 OC
Near Future 5,071 to 7,794 OC
=The Gap=
Future Campaign Era 1 to 317 AG

Alternate Timelines
Earth 17 – Greyhawk 2000 Diverges in 5060 OC
Earth 41 – Spellplague Timeline Diverges in 5055 OC
Earth 71 – Spelljammer 2020 Diverges in 5023 OC
Earth 107 – Realmspace 2008 Diverges in 5,688 OC

Use of the Olven Calender was chosen as an appropriate baseline here because 1) it is tangible evidence of elven influence, 2) It is appropriate considering Greyhawk’s status as first AD&D game world and 3) it is the calendar that Paul Westermeyer used as his baseline. Without his work this campaign specific project would not have been possible.

Use of the After Gap calendar was chosen for the future baseline since the Gap occurs across all planes and cultures. As a result all have a common point from which they begin. Since the dragons of the Dragon Empire are long lived enough to remember times before the Gap they simply continue their normal calendar afterwards.

Original Compilation of Cannon Events and Dates in Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk and Spelljammer by Paul Westermeyer , Addition of all other events and adjustments to original research works needed to reconcile them with Planejammer continuity made by Loki.